21 Benefits Working With Me As Your Real Estate Professional

As a REALTOR, I will:

 Thoroughly Assess Your Real Estate Needs and Objectives


1.     How am I, unique as a real estate professional?  My focus is to provide consultative services in a no-pressure, hassle-free environment, by “guiding you, not deciding FOR you; and telling/researching information to benefit you with NO hidden agenda to SELL YOU anything!  You retain maximize control while working with me as a professional team player to help you achieve your desired results. 


2.          In a unique, non-sales environment, I spend time gathering information from you about what you want to achieve, timeframes involved, as well as any concerns you may have about attaining your real estate goals.


3.     At the conclusion of our initial meeting, you’ll receive a personalized Consumer Needs Assessment in writing from me outlining and helping you prioritize your real estate objectives.  The assessment will also include steps and suggestions on how to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective and timely manner.


4.          Since our written game plan will have mutually set, predetermined checkpoints, we’ll be able to keep on top of our progress and adjust our approach and timeframes if required.


Deliver Results-Oriented Services


5.     To ensure that my expertise fits your needs, I will be happy to provide you with references from satisfied consumers who have previously used my services.  Additionally, I can provide certificates showing my educational experience, professional licenses that I hold, as well as the steps you can take to verify any or all of my credentials.


6.     I will be glad to provide you with an overview of my business policies and procedures and answer any questions you have including how they might impact our working relationship. 


7.          If, at any time, you or I determine that the results you’re seeking requires another type of real estate professional’s assistance, you are free to enlist the help you need; similarly, I would be glad to refer you to various professionals in the field as well.


8.          In the unlikely case that our working relationship breaks down, you are free to exercise any and all conditions for  as detailed in the our Agreement.



Provide You With Flexible Options


9.     You will be provided with disclosure information about the various representation/non-representation options available to you when working with a real estate licensee/consultant according to state laws.  Feel free to choose the working relationship that best suits your needs and your objectives.


10.   Prior to working together, we would review all forms and documents that apply and allow you to ask questions about each.  Additionally, you are free/encouraged to have any or all of the forms reviewed by your own legal counsel or other appropriate professional.


11.      If advertising and promotion is part of the service package you require, I will discuss marketing plan ideas with you, including the type, amount and frequency of services provided.



Save You Time


12.    “One size no longer fits all real estate consumers” ,  you won’t be locked into an archaic business process that takes more time than necessary and doesn’t perhaps suit your individual needs.


13.   As a experienced professional, I have working relationships with other real estate solution providers like appraisers, real estate attorneys, and lenders, etc.  Always available to choose from more than one tried and true provider, you can work through these ready-made conduits that could result in saving you time and money.


14.   As a consultant, the more problems I can solve in a timely manner, the more valuable my services are to consumers.  That’s why I’ll communicate positive as well as any adverse news to you regarding our progress in a concise and timely manner.



Save You Money


15.   Cost-effectiveness is not based solely on what you pay for services, but on the time it takes to obtain your real estate goals.  Using a “Consumer-centered; Results-focused”™ approach, we’re most likely to reach your desired outcome in the most financially prudent way.


16.   Why pay for services you don’t need when, as your professional , I’m able to move you quickly towards the results you’re seeking using an a la carte, unbundled fee structure?  Fee-for-services options allow me to provide a wide selection of unbundled, a la carte services that can result in considerable cost savings to you.


17.   The traditional method of paying a percentage commission may not be prudent based on your individual real estate needs and objectives.  After determining what you want to achieve, we’ll investigate which pricing structures available through our brokerage best suit your needs.


18.   I’ll be happy to provide you with the “Working With A Realtor" brochure and outline the fee structures available with our brokerage. 


Let YOU Control the Process


19.   Unlike working with a traditional real estate agent/salesperson to navigate a sale, I will provide you with definitive checkpoints along the way where we will assess our progress.  Based on your needs and goals, you are free to change your course of direction and/or add additional objectives.


20.   My unique focus is to “Tell, not sell” and “Guide, not decide”™.  This puts YOU in control of the decision making while I serve as a high-level interpreter of the information and team player, moving you to the results you desire.


21.   I provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   If in the unlikely case that you are dissatisfied with the quality and/or quantity of skills and services I’m providing prior to reaching results (as outlined in your Consumer Needs Assessment™), you are free to sever our working relationship as outlined in the “Agreement to Provide Consulting Services” form.  I believe in the phrase, “If you’re happy with me, tell a friend; if you’re not, tell me” since your satisfaction is my greatest stock in trade!